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What should be the best LED manufacturer?
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Most designers believe that the quality of all LED products is the same (but most of the ha, not including you). However, many of the manufacturers and suppliers of LED, Asian manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers to the global supply of low-cost LED. Surprisingly, only a small fraction of these manufacturers can produce high quality LED. The low quality of LED is sufficient to meet the requirements of the application of a simple instruction.

But in many areas such as consistency, reliability, solid state indicator or lighting, high quality LED must be used, especially in harsh environments, such as highway, military / aviation and industrial applications.

This requires our LED manufacturers to be good enough to produce high quality products. So, the excellent LED manufacturers should be how? What are the factors that distinguish the quality of LED from the following aspects:

Pay attention to basic factors: starting from the chip package

In fact, the selection of high quality LED can be started from the chip until the assembly is completed, there are many factors to be considered during this period. Excellent manufacturing company to produce excellent, consistent with the index of the wafer is from the high quality of LED manufacturing materials, and thus can produce excellent chip.

In the condition of determining the performance of LED, the chemical materials used in wafer fabrication process are very important. A 2 inch wafer can be cut out more than 6000 LED chip, which only individual chip performance indicators and the overall difference. As an excellent chip manufacturers chip differences in color, brightness and the voltage drop is very small.

After the completion of the LED chip package, many of their performance indicators are likely to exist a lot of differences, such as perspective. In addition, the impact of the packaging material is also very large, for example, silicone resin is better than epoxy resin.

Classification ability: classification of LED packaging

Excellent LED manufacturers not only can produce high quality chips, but also have the ability to classify and pack them according to the LED's color, brightness, voltage drop and the different angle of view. High quality LED suppliers will provide uniform operating characteristics of products to the customer, and lower quality LED suppliers can only provide similar to the "mixed" led.

For the high-end, quality requirements of the application areas, such as the airport runway boundary lights, must meet the FAA level of color and brightness specifications, in order to ensure the performance and safety, LED packaging consistency is also strictly limited. Poor packaging LED is used in the field will lead to premature failure and a series of non consistency problems, it is likely to lead to major accidents.

In order to avoid downtime and ensure the specified in the design of LED has reliable operating characteristics, in the high-end and strict quality requirements of the application to avoid the use of "mixed" products is very important.

Product supporting capacity

In addition to the classification of LED, LED's assembly and power supply has a very important impact on its performance, brightness and color.

Because of the environmental temperature, working current, circuit structure, voltage spike and environmental factors, the performance index of LED can be affected, and the proper circuit design and assembly is the key to protect the LED and the performance.

Excellent LED manufacturers also use a variety of technologies and different materials to design the circuit structure and assembly, in most cases, the difference between the experience of the LED assembly will cause the same application in the overall performance and reliability of the LED.

With the rapid growth of LED demand, manufacturers and assembly plants in the global market also increased rapidly. But it is regrettable that the surge in support of manufacturers not only a large number of low quality LED, their packaging and LED design engineers experience is relatively insufficient.

Therefore, in addition to the existing experience in the accurate screening of LED suppliers, OEM manufacturers must also examine their circuit design and assembly technology to ensure that meet the design specifications, and the design is provided with adequate cooling capacity, because the main factor leading to the failure and performance of LED is overheating.

In order to meet the design requirements, the assembly and circuit structure of LED must be detected by OEM.

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